Wave of Change

The UNESCO Institute of Statistics found that 262 million children in 2017 globally were not in school. That’s 262 million children not learning how to read, problem solve and create. Imagine, those 262 million children, growing up to be entrepreneurs, innovators, social advocates or politicians.

At Neema International, we tackle the education gap on child at a time. Here’s what happens when you give one child an education:

Cognitive development increases, giving the child increased executive functioning, problem solving and critical thinking. They obtain the socioemotional tools that allow them to develop healthy and positive relationships. They use foundational literacy and math skills to tackle larger issues such as financial literacy, political advocacy and family planning. Once a child learns to read, they can read to learn anything. They become strategic in their personal and career goals, practicing independent thinking. Their ability to provide for themselves allows them to escape the cycle of poverty.

They influence their family and friends, through information sharing. Their financial stability allows them to support education of their young family members. They are able to translate for their family and teach English, expanding the economic opportunities of others. They share with others critical information about financial resources, family planning, global politics and gender equality.

Families share resources and information between each other. They gain the financial tools to improve community structure and invest in local ventures. The community works together to reach larger goals such as sustainable local economic growth and access to healthcare and education. The local culture surrounding parenting, gender roles and education begins to shift.

Communities that advocate for better education, gender equality and access to resources influence politics. Pressure is put on the government to meet the needs of the people. Children in school grow up to be influential leaders who advocate for the welfare of their communities on a national level.

Change a child’s world, change the world. Giving the gift of education is giving a child the ability to become an agent of change. It gives them the intellectual resources to self-advocate. Each child is only a drop in the ocean, but it only takes one drop to create a wave of change throughout a nation.

We already see the wave of change in Uru. At the beginning of the semester, a local father came to us, begging to send his two little girls to our school. In a country where secondary school is seen as most important and education is optional for women, this father was sensational. His advocacy for his daughters shows a cultural shift in early education and gender roles in Uru. Here is a community, sharing information and taking a step in the right direction.

Our sponsored children are set up for success. Neema International monitors each child’s behavioral and academic progress. We ensure children are healthy and happy at school, sending representatives to live at boarding school with children when necessary. We provide the social work services and career counseling need for long-term success. At Neema, sponsorship is not scholarship, it’s a mentorship. We can’t sponsor all 262 million children out of school globally, but we can create hundreds of leaders in Uru that will each have their own wave of change.

Invest in future leaders.
Start a wave of change.
Sponsor a child!

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