Technology Update: iPads

In 2015 Arrow Electronics donated fifty iPads to Neema International. The Neema team installed educational apps ranging from baby to elementary level. Three years later, and now the kids at Uru Academy love to learn with the iPads!

On average, each class gets one, one-hour iPad session a week. Our teachers work together to create a weekly curriculum that builds on what they are learning in class. For our younger learners, this means working on phonetic foundations to reading. Our older kids work on math and spelling. While the iPads are in use, teachers walk around to guide technology use and help struggling kiddos!

Using technology in the classroom helps children work at their own pace, getting the individual practice they need. It reinforces lessons taught in class and allows children to learn through play! It also increases their technology literacy, as many of these children have never been able to use any type of computer before. Our kids look forward to using the iPads all week.

Some of our favorite apps are:

This app is perfect for babies and children who need to grow their English vocabulary. Vocabulary is the foundation to literacy and this app builds vocabulary through matching pictures to words.

ABC Magic
These series of apps work on letter sound identification, working on vital pre-literacy skills. Children can explore letter sounds by clicking on them or practice by matching them!

Math Bingo
This app is very versatile as it has different levels. Our younger kids can practice addition while our older kids can practice multiplication. Math Bingo provides children instant feedback at their own pace. Its great practice and our teachers can identify which kids are struggling for the future.

Thanks Arrow for our iPads! Three years later and they are still changing our kids lives, one app at a time!

For the original press release with Arrow’s iPad donations, see: