Team Tuleeni!

We have a team of little rockstars!!! 
A few weeks ago, my primary 7 girls, Anna, Jackie, Vanessa. And Hellen took their entrance exam for Sangiti, a highly respected all girls boarding school. There were hundreds of girls who applied and the school only took 85 girls… ALL FOUR OF OUR GIRLS WERE ACCEPTED!!!! 

The next week, we started the Kilimanjaro Education Academy entrance exams and interviews. On October 4th, Junior, Samson, Mwita, Ericki, Jonathan and Ismaeli were ALL accepted to the school and will be the first kids in Tuleeni history to attend a private nursery school! 

On October 5th, we had the second round of tests and interviews– Freddy, Balizahu, Bahati, Godi, Derricki, Paul, Elisha and Awazi were all accepted into KEA!! Being that these children are currently in government schooling, I told them that there was a good chance they would have to repeat a grade, for private school curriculums are more difficult. I was worried that some of they wouldn’t even pass the exams, for the entire test was in English but All of them got accepted. All of the kids will repeat their current grade except for  Balizahu and Pau who passed with flying colors and will be able to continue on with the next grade in January. I am so proud of all of them!!! 
I have been told that many people here feel that all orphans are misbehaved street children… I know my children are no stereotypes, and I told my kids to go show all these schools what we are made of at Tuleeni, and they did just that! Go team Tuleeni!!! 
We are still looking for a few more sponsors to help pay for these amazing youngsters to go to school– if you are interested in helping give a child the gift of education and a successful future, please email me at
Love always,