Teacher Trainings with ISM

The goal of Uru Academy is to provide high-quality early childhood education. We focus our curriculum on art and play-based lessons. Creative learning engages children, sparks their critical thinking and encourages individuality.

The typical Tanzanian government school takes a very different approach. Teachers use boards to drill students throughout the day, having them memorize definitions and facts. Students are taught to be quiet and behave.

For Neema International, the challenge in opening a high-quality early childhood center is proper teacher training. How can we get Tanzanian teachers with a government school background to implement creative learning?

Then, co-director Ali Hanson had a brilliant idea- to send our teacher’s to a local international school! Each of our head teachers spent a week at the International School of Moshi, shadowing a head teacher. Our teachers were inspired by the creativity, dedication and attention to details they witnessed at ISM!

High-quality teacher training is the foundation to high-quality education. Our kids are excited to drop the workbooks and pick up the play-dough, educational games and songs! Teachers are planning new academic clubs, art projects, group games and exploration activities!