Neema Bags

We are in love with our new Neema Bags! Neema Bags is Neema International’s social enterprise that markets stylish, locally-made, African-print bags to fund our projects! These cosmetic-sized bags are handmade in our office. They’re crafted from a sturdy canvas with kitenge fabric on the inside. The outside seam is also hand-beaded. We also monogram, with the letter on the outside matching the fabric on the inside.

Our Neema Bags are the perfect personalized, socially-responsible gift for graduation, birthdays or weddings. They also can be customized with a group name and bought in bulk. We have a variety of designs, including different canvas, kitenge and beading!

Selling Neema Bags not only provides the funds that Neema International needs to run our projects but also employs local mamas. Employing the people of Uru in our projects is one way in which we empower the community. When one person in the family has a job, the whole family experiences more security. With over forty employees, we are lifting the community out of poverty through providing a consistent income and safe environment for parents. All while making sure their children get the best education!

To purchase an individual or bulk order of Neema Bags, message us on Facebook, Instagram or email us at!