How does Neema International take action towards the SDGs?

We just received confirmation that Neema International has been accepted into the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Youth!

Since we are expanding our partnerships and networks towards achieving the sustainable development goals – we wanted to take this change to answer a simple question:

How does Neema International contribute towards the sustainable development goals?

The sustainable development goals were approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 – with a target achievement date of 2030. These goals range from no poverty and quality education to peace and climate action.

The good news: having the sustainable development goals is the first step to achieving them.

The bad news: the sustainable development goals are meaningless unless individuals and communities take action.

Since our founding in 2012 – Neema International has been committed to action. We’ve impacted hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kilimanjaro Region and provided many local jobs.

Here are the specific ways that Neema International takes action towards the sustainable development goals:

Goal 1, ‘no poverty’: We provide quality local jobs and connect impoverished children with education and job opportunities!

Goal 2, ‘zero hunger’: Children in our programs receive the funds for nutritious meals – children at Uru Academy get two meals and snack every day!

Goal 3, ‘good health and well-being’: We provide health insurance and interventions such as HIV testing, jigger removal and family planning education to a low-income community. Our school also focuses on socio-emotional well-being by monitoring children’s home conditions, teaching SEL lessons and doing mindful activities such as yoga!

Goal 4, ‘quality education’: We achieve quality education through our early childhood education center, Uru Academy, as well as our sponsorship program!

Goal 5, ‘gender equality’: We empower women through teaching and sewing jobs at our school, family planning and providing educational sponsorship to girls.

Goal 6, ‘clean water and sanitation’: We have built two water wells as well as a sanitation system in our community.

Goal 7, ‘affordable and clean energy’: Our school is 100% solar-powered, we also built a bio-gas stove for our community.

Goal 8, ‘decent work and economic growth’: We employ over 40 local men and women for tasks ranging from administration to teaching to the production of our Neema Bags. In doing so, we are giving our employees improved training and skills as well as helping them provide for their families!

Meeting these basic needs and taking action towards the sustainable development goals sets our kids up to further improve their community. We are confident in their ability to be changemakers and will continue to invest in their future!

We are constantly looking for new partnerships in order to improve and expand our impact. That’s why we are excited to join the SDSN Youth network – to connect with other programs that empower youth to be changemakers.