Costumes and Candy: How We Bring Halloween to the Children of Uru

Dressing up and going door to door for treats and candy is a staple for most Western childhoods. Halloween isn’t celebrated in Tanzania, but we enjoy bringing the holiday to the kids the best we can. They may not know the spooky lore or get to walk around the neighborhood, but they did get to partake in two very important aspects of the holiday: costumes and candy.

Thanks to donations from many individuals as well as supplies from Mandy’s childhood we had plenty of costumes for the students to choose from. Every kid got to pick out one. We separated them by age levels and had them parade around the school to display their costumes. The kids loved dressing up and playing on the playground in their Halloween get-up, and had so much fun showing off to everyone during the parade.

We got lots of pictures of the kids playing with each other and their teachers for Halloween.

After that, the children lined up and the teachers passed out candy. Like all children, they had the brightest smiles on their faces with each piece of candy they got. Their handfuls may not physically equate to the giant bags of sweets seen on Halloween in America, but their joy was all the same. As always, thanks to all our donors and sponsors who make it possible for us to provide these children with such a wide range of opportunities! It means so much!!