Creativity Spotlight!

Often we talk about the kids in Uru in terms of what they don’t have and how we can provide for them. We forget that these children bring so much personality and creativity to the table. They are the seed and we just help provide the sunshine for them to grow! Uru Academy encourages children to be as creative as possible. Creativity is the key to problem solving and self-expression. One way that we encourage creativity is through incorporating art into our lessons.

For example, one of our head teachers, Sels, taught kids to make butterflies by painting half a wing and then folding the paper. Children were able to design their own wings while learning about the idea of symmetry! We also have children use materials such as legos, molding clay or crayons to design their own creations. Below is a sculpture one child made of his teacher!

Children in Tanzania have few resources, so often they use their creativity to make toys with recycled materials. Here is a video of one of our children, Msafiri, using a top that he crafted with bottle caps and string. We encouraged Msafairi to keep creating and teach others how to make the same toy.

Creativity and self-expression is key to children’s development. We hope to continue to use whatever supplies we have and positive support so our little innovators and artists never stop designing!