New College Prep Program

We have a brand new program for our Form 6 graduates we are excited to share with you about!
Neema International recently gained a new intern, and her name is Shufaa Hame. Shufaa received scholarships from Freza Schools, International School of Tanganyika and the Mastercard Foundation to attend the American

Costumes and Candy: How We Bring Halloween to the Children of Uru

Dressing up and going door to door for treats and candy is a staple for most Western childhoods. Halloween isn’t celebrated in Tanzania, but we enjoy bringing the holiday to the kids the best we can. They may not know the spooky lore or get to walk around the neighborhood,

Virtual Kili Climb-a-thon

“Climb” 37 miles to the top of Kilimanjaro to fundraise for Neema International
Driving up the street to Uru Academy, Neema International’s school in Tanzania, you’ll see the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro right up the road. Neema International is a non-profit focused on providing children in need in

COVID-19 Impact

Life in Tanzania with Covid-19
Six weeks ago the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Tanzania and our schools and orphanages were immediately closed. Our 200+ kids have been sent to stay with relatives all over in very poor homes. We are doing our VERY best to provide support

How does Neema International take action towards the SDGs?

We just received confirmation that Neema International has been accepted into the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Youth!

Since we are expanding our partnerships and networks towards achieving the sustainable development goals – we wanted to take this change to answer a simple question:
How does Neema International

Women’s Empowerment

Neema International focuses on the key role that education has in changing the lives of Tanzania’s youth. Our projects combine the critical components of education, social work and healthcare to create a tailored intervention strategy for the Uru community. These combined components impact the community in complex ways, including through

Wave of Change

The UNESCO Institute of Statistics found that 262 million children in 2017 globally were not in school. That’s 262 million children not learning how to read, problem solve and create. Imagine, those 262 million children, growing up to be entrepreneurs, innovators, social advocates or politicians.

At Neema International, we

Teacher Trainings with ISM

The goal of Uru Academy is to provide high-quality early childhood education. We focus our curriculum on art and play-based lessons. Creative learning engages children, sparks their critical thinking and encourages individuality.

The typical Tanzanian government school takes a very different approach. Teachers use boards to drill students throughout

Neema Bags

We are in love with our new Neema Bags! Neema Bags is Neema International’s social enterprise that markets stylish, locally-made, African-print bags to fund our projects! These cosmetic-sized bags are handmade in our office. They’re crafted from a sturdy canvas with kitenge fabric on the inside. The outside seam is