When Mandy first met Mama Faraji and the 78 Tuleeni Orphans in 2011, they were living in a space suitable for maybe 20-30 people. They were sleeping 4-6 children per bed on stained foam mattress pads with no sheets or mosquito nets. Their clothes were ripped and their living situation was dire. It was clear to Mandy that Mama had truly given every bit of herself to help provide for these children, but unfortunately, she had exhausted what limited resources were available to her and was in need of help.

After knowing Mandy for just a few hours, Mama told her that in all the years she has been running an orphanage and working with volunteers, she had never seen the kind of passion and dedication that filled Mandy’s eyes. In 2010, with the help of a volunteer named Jackie Weiss, Mama Faraji was able to purchase a large plot of land in Kitandu Village, Uru, (where she herself was born and grew up) that she hoped would one day serve as the location for a new orphanage facility that would be large enough to house all the children comfortably. Mama said that there was something about 20 year old Mandy that made her believe she was the one who would be able to turn this dream into a reality. She was right, and within 6 short months, Mandy had raised enough money to break ground on construction. Construction was extremely slow until Mandy moved to live on ground full time in Tanzania in June 2013.

Below are some pictures of the construction through the years.

Beginning phases of construction
slow but steady progress over the next two years…
finally almost finished…

In April of 2016, the construction of the new Tuleeni Orphanage was finally completed!

Two months later, the 30 Tuleeni Orphans who were still living at the originally orphanage facility in Rau, picked up and moved into their beautiful new home in Kitandu Village, Uru.