Neema International’s Educational Sponsorship Program pulls children out of the cycle of poverty, responding Tanzania’s education crisis one child at a time.



The Problem

Tanzania responded to poor national literacy rates by making education free in 2013. The government did not have the funding, workforce, infrastructure or physical resources to meet the huge demand for education. As a result, Tanzanian public schools are overcrowded and under-resourced. Student to teacher ratios average 60:1, with one book for every 5-10 students. There is a less than 30% enrollment for secondary schooling, leaving millions of children with no academic career after the age of 13. For those who do enter secondary school, many are forced to drop-out due to the switch in language of instruction from Swahili to English. These children, left without any academic or vocational options, often start a family early and enter the cycle of poverty.


Our Solution

We connect motivated, intelligent children and adolescents with the resources they need to succeed. NIESP is much more than an individual sponsorship, but a life-changing mentorship program.


Who We Sponsor

We are selective about which children we chose to sponsor, focusing resources on those who are committed to their education. Our recruitment process focuses on vulnerable children and adolescents. Many children in our sponsored program are orphaned, and we serve the role as guardians. NIESP accepts graduates from the Digitruck Program, students who have dropped out of school and are ready to return.


The Scope of Sponsorship

Sponsored students receive coverage of all costs associated with attending school, ranging from textbooks and tuition to uniforms and transportation. To maximize our budget, we buy school supplies and personal care items in bulk, giving them to sponsored students at the start of each semester. When sponsored students require healthcare, we pay their hospital fees and ensure quality treatment. Other costs that we've covered for NIESP students include life skills camps, field trips and transportation for interviews.



The Contract

Sponsored students are taught responsibility by signing a contract. They commit to maintaining good behavior and grades in return for NIESP support. They are required to refrain from drug use and avoid pregnancy. Students and their parents must attend annual meetings, discussing student progress and behavior. They also are required to volunteer a few days a year at the orphanage or school. These guidelines assure children stay in school and take their education seriously.



By signing a contract and having a sponsor, NIESP students receive guidance. In contrast to adolescents not in our program, NIESP students understand the role of education in their future. They receive proper family planning education, and aspire to become financially stable before starting their own family. Neema International provides educational counseling to children that struggle, adjusting schools, grades or coordinating with teachers when necessary. We aspire for all NIESP students to continue their education and provide information about the SAT, international applications or vocational schools.


Our Impact

By providing high-quality mentorship and education to children in Tanzania, we are setting off a chain reaction. Sponsored students share their financial literacy, family planning and life skills information with their friends and family. They volunteer, showcasing their future as leaders in their communities. They have the vocational skills to bring economic resources into their communities and the critical thinking skills to solve the tough problems the nation faces.



To Neema, this is not a charitable endeavor but an investment that has the potential to bring a thousand-fold return in lives saved for generations to come. Sponsorship gives children the physical and intellectual resources to become changemakers. NIESP started with only 4 students in 2013. For the 2019 school year, Neema International will be sponsoring over 125 students to attend top notch private schools and universities.


A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors for giving these students access to the opportunities they deserve!