Neema International’s Education Sponsorship Program (NIESP) works to break down the cycle of poverty by sending the most vulnerable children to the best schools possible—–many times, these children would have wound up dropping out of school and in one way or another contributed to the transmission of destitution from one generation to the next. By funding schooling all the way through their university years and putting a mentor in their lives who believes in them and gives them hope, these students instead go on to become viable members of their community and help move their country towards a brighter future.

To Neema, this is not a charitable endeavor but an investment that has the potential to bring a thousand-fold return in lives saved for generations to come. NIESP started with only 4 students in 2013. For the 2018 school year, Neema International will be sponsoring over 170 students to attend top notch private schools and universities.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors for giving these students access to the opportunities they deserve!

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