Sponsor A Child

“Earlier this year I had the opportunity to witness the beauty and power of Neema International’s Education Sponsorship Program (NIESP). In June, many of our current education sponsors came to Tanzania to participate in our “Uhuru for Education” Mt. Kilimanjaro Charity Climb. One of the climbers was a young girl named Katherine who has been sponsoring now 15 year old Anna for two years. They have written a few letters and sent pictures to one another, but had never had the chance to meet in person. Anna’s mother has been the chef at the Tuleeni Orphanage for many years, and therefore, Anna and her younger siblings, Amani and Mandy are all part of our Tuleeni Family. Below is a picture of Katherine with Anna and her family as they all met for the first time. Anna’s mother bursted into tears as she thanked Katherine for helping her daughter to go to school and achieve her dreams.


Two other climbers named Lauren and Jekka decided that they wanted to be sponsors as well during their time here in Tanzania. Mandy matched them with two brilliant girls from her Mrupanga Class 7 students, Maureen and Brenda. These girls have big dreams for the future– Maureen wants to be a surgeon and Brenda wants to be a teacher… At the end of this year, Maureen and Brenda will complete Class 7 and go onto Secondary School. Unfortunately, without a sponsor, their families wouldn’t be able to afford any further education, for in Tanzania, only Primary School education is covered by the government. The thought of these extremely smart driven girls being forced to end their academic career at 13 years old simply because they couldn’t afford to pay school fees truly broke Mandy’s heart. One afternoon, Mandy called Maureen and Brenda over to introduce them to her friends Lauren and Jekka. Upon their arrival, Lauren and Jekka looked at each of the girls and said “I am going to be your sponsor for school.” Mandy often explains to people that telling a child they have a sponsor is similar to telling someone with a terminal disease that you have found them a cure. Mandy said she has truly never seen such excitement come from young girls as both of them jumped into Lauren and Jekka’s arms full of smiles and tears of joy rolling down their cheeks. Below are a few photos from the encounter. (Lauren and Brenda on top, Maureen and Jekka below.)







These two events were truly some of the most emotional yet empowering and beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life. “
–Mandy Stein, Founder

For 2016, Neema International hopes to increase the number of students they sponsor from 54 to around 75 or so—6 or 7 new additions from the Tuleeni Orphanage (who for one reason or another were not ready for private schooling this last year, but are showing steady improvement and hopefully will be ready academically for January 2016) and 13 of Mandy’s class 7 students at Mrupanga Primary School. However, we do not have to stop at 70 students… we will sponsor AS MANY CHILDREN as we can find sponsors for…there are ALWAYS other children that need sponsors in and around our village that we would love to help if possible.

We would like to send all our children to private schools, regardless of age level. For more information on the Tanzanian schooling and the education system, please feel free to visit our page!

The prices for Tanzanian Private Schools in the Kilimanjaro Region are listed below in addition to the breakdown of schooling by grade and age. Some children’s ages do not fall into the corresponding level of schooling—this is VERY common in Tanzania, for many children start school too late or repeat years of schooling due to failing. The prices that are listed include all school fees, uniform, supplies, food at school and transportation. The Secondary School prices also include medical emergency fees and room/board fees.

Nursery ($550 per year–most kids do 2-3 years of nursery school before going onto primary school—children start primary school between 6-7 years old, so it completely depends on how early they were enrolled in nursery) (3 yrs old – 5 or 6 yrs old)

Primary School ($850 per year; Class 1- Class 7) (6 or 7 yrs old-14 yrs old)

Secondary School ($1000-$1300 per year; Form 1-Form4) (14 yrs old- 18 or 19 yrs old)

High School ($1000-$1300 per year; Form 5 and Form 6) (18 or 19 yrs old- 21 yrs old)

Vocational Training or College/University ($1000-$2500 per year; anywhere from 1-3 years) (18 years old-25 years old) This wide range of ages depends on what their earlier academic career looked like… if a child fails out of secondary school, he or she can attend a vocational school to learn a trade/skill so that they can find work and still have a successful future, despite their previous education shortcomings.

If you choose to be a sponsor, you will receive updates via email every few months and constant picture updates of your sponsored child. Mandy also sends over report cards after each term so that our sponsors can be involved in the life of their sponsored child– and the kids like making/sending pictures and cards as well!!

Here are some pictures of NIESP’s students with their awesome sponsors from around the world!







Neema International wants to thank you again for taking the time to think about these incredible children, and hope that you will join them in investing in the lives of Tanzania’s promising youth. Feel free to email us at info@neemainternational.org with any questions you may have.